Baroque Voices

Baroque Voices, established in June 1994 by Wellington-based soprano Pepe Becker, is a vocal consort specialising in pre-Classical music composed for ensembles with one voice per part. The ensemble's size adjusts to suit the repertoire's demands for each concert or project. Dedicated to employing authentic vocal techniques, ornaments, and styles, Baroque Voices faithfully follows performance practices and resources from the era of the music's creation. Their commitment extends to contemporary music, where they receive high acclaim for their performances. Notably, Baroque Voices served as the core vocal group in the Musica Sacra Concert Series at St Mary of the Angels under Robert Oliver's direction for a decade (2001-2010) and has completed two tours with Chamber Music NZ. With over 100 different programs, they have delivered countless performances throughout New Zealand during their 29-year history. Pepe Becker, soprano Kate Lineham, soprano Theo Moolenaar, tenor An enthralling set of chants, madrigals, and folk songs from the last 800 years.


St Peters Vocal


Hanging Ditch Crossover