Capital Reeds are an acclaimed Wellington-based trio that captivates audiences with their exceptional blend of reed instruments. With a lineup featuring the oboe, clarinet, and bassoon, supplemented by the intriguing cor anglais, bass clarinet, and contrabassoon, they offer a truly immersive musical experience. Dedicated to showcasing the reed trio's distinctive qualities, CAPITAL REEDS presents a diverse repertoire that spans various eras, styles, and genres. Their performances include masterfully crafted chamber music compositions specifically written for the reed trio, as well as a rich selection of artful musical arrangements. Beyond their classical influences, they also explore innovative and original jazz-inspired sonorities, adding a touch of contemporary flair to their performances. With their versatile instrumentation, Capital Reeds effortlessly transition between expressive melodies, captivating harmonies, and rhythmic grooves. Audiences are transported on a musical journey that combines the familiarity of timeless classics with the excitement of unexpected twists and turns. Whether you are a seasoned classical music enthusiast, a lover of jazz-infused sounds, or simply seeking a unique and engaging live performance, Capital Reeds will deliver an unforgettable experience. Calvin Scott, oboe & cor anglais Patrick Hayes, clarinet & bass clarinet Oscar Lavën, bassoon & contrabassoon -- Yves Pignot, Sarão Sándor Veress, Sonatina Georges Auric, Décidé from Trio d'anches A medley of tunes, including: ‘Le moulin rouge’ (theme tune from the 1952 film composed by Georges Auric), ‘The Muppet Show Theme’, the ‘Nürnberger-Bratwurstglöcklein-Polka’ and an original jazz tune by Oscar Lavën


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