Duo Enharmonics

Prepare to be spellbound by the energising performance of Duo Enharmonics, the dynamic classical piano team hailing from New Zealand. Comprised of the extraordinary talents of Beth Chen and Nicole Chao, their partnership breathes new life into the classical music scene, delivering virtuosic and emotionally exhilarating programs that will leave you in awe. The sheer brilliance of their synchronised performances is a testament to their shared musical vision. As one reviewer aptly noted, there is an undeniable "unanimity of feeling" that radiates from their every note. From their harmonized physical gestures to their meticulously synchronised sonic expressions, Duo Enharmonics create a mesmerising fusion of sight and sound that is truly captivating. Years of dedicated full-time partnership have imbued their performances with a profound depth of nuance. Every physical and musical gesture they make is infused with subtleties that can only be attained through an unwavering commitment to their craft. Join Duo Enharmonics on an unforgettable musical journey, as they redefine the boundaries of classical piano performance!


Goethe-Institut Virtuoso