Jake & Anita

Step into an enchanting realm where the extraordinary talents of Jake Church and Anita Hutchins converge, forming a talented duo that effortlessly melds the worlds of guitar and dance. It was in the transformative year of 2020 when destiny orchestrated their fateful meeting at the revered Metamorphosis Artist Project, a collaboration alongside the esteemed Java Dance Company. From that moment, they embarked on a courageous artistic journey, fearlessly carving out a universe brimming with boundless creativity. Their profound connection and shared exploration of artistic practices and profound philosophies lay the foundation for their mesmerising performances. Drawing from their wellspring of ingenuity, Jake and Anita have meticulously crafted a tracklist of compositions that bear their unique imprint, infusing each piece with their own musical and lyrical artistry. The result is an enthralling showcase that beckons audiences to indulge in an unforgettable experience, one that should not be missed.


Te Auaha - Atea Family


Te Auaha - Atea Original