Oro Rua Rangi ki te Whenua

Jerome Kavanagh Poutama (Pūoro Jerome) is a Grammy-award-winning taonga pūoro composer and practitioner. Over the past decade, he has been sharing the “ORO ATUA” (a Māori sound journey experience) and toured extensively all over the world, taking taonga pūoro abroad and performing at some of the world's most prestigious music venues. Michael Norris is a celebrated composer, researcher and music technologist. His audio tools are used by the likes of Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. His instrumental composition has swept the national awards, and he is especially known for his work for instruments with electronics. The two have collaborated on shorter pieces before, but this is a unique opportunity to hear them in a full-length sonic experience. Jerome will create an orchestra of nature with his whānau of taonga pūoro, and Michael will create from them a luscious blanket of ambient tones. Oro Rua Rangi ki te Whenua at Nood is your opportunity to bask in a 60-minute ambient set from these two incredible artists. Come for the music, come for the rongoā, come to bliss out on a sofa.


Nood Ao Māori