The Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc by Julius Eastman

Don't miss this daring and captivating performance, containing the gorgeous baritone voice of Tomairangi Henare, cellists of the adored institution Orchestra Wellington, plus acclaimed international solo cellist Inbal Meggido and her up-and-coming student musicians. "Speak boldy!" is the phrase of the day here, as The Holy Presence unfold a mighty diptych on the claiming of power. The first section, for solo voice, is originally improvised by the composer, a stark statement of strength. The second part, for 10 cellos, begins with a pounding riff, powerful and energetic, and expands from there. The unceasing intensity is transformative. Julius Eastman, an influential luminary within the vibrant New York music scene spanning the 1960s to the 1980s, left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape. His compositions, infused with his intersecting identities as a queer black artist, resound with a potent political message. With extraordinary vocal prowess and pianistic virtuosity, Eastman fearlessly showcased his unique interpretation of minimalism, interweaving it with his profound insights. Notably, he fearlessly performed much of his own repertoire, making his live experiences truly extraordinary.


City Gallery Adam Auditorium Speak Boldly