Workers Union by Louis Andriessen

Watch as the rebellious spirit of Workers Union is unleashed, a daring musical escapade designed for an assembly of spirited "loud instruments" colliding in a harmonious uproar. This rhythmically vibrant and audaciously strict melody embodies the essence of punk, exuding an electric energy that ignites the soul. Enlisting the talents of Orchestra Wellington's bold members and drawing from the vibrant depths of Wellington's thriving exploratory music underground scene, this audacious gathering promises an unforgettable and cheeky musical experience. Prepare to be immersed in a maelstrom of sound, where traditional boundaries dissolve, and experimentation takes center stage. Join us for a one-of-a-kind musical revolution, where the rebellion of Workers Union melds with the unyielding spirit of exploration. This is sure to be an evening that challenges conventions, embraces the unexpected, and celebrates the untamed essence of music. Let the raucous symphony unfold as we rally together, amplifying our collective voices in an exhilarating sonic rebellion. Patrick Hayes, clarinet & bass clarinet Maia O'Connell, horn Liam Furey, piano Annabelle Thorpe, viola Simon Eastwood, bass Elliot Vaughan, conductor


Thistle Hall Speak Boldly