St Peters

211 Willis Street, Te Aro
A beacon of light in Te Aro since 1847. St Peters is a beautiful and welcoming venue for musiic.


Baroque Voices Vocal

"How great is the pleasure" - vocal music for high or mixed voices, from Medieval to Renaissance/early Baroque, to modern arrangements of Trad. folk songs, including: 12th C Hildegard chant (with shruti box drone); Spanish/Italian/French/English/Latin 14th/15th C songs (sacred and secular); English/Italian 16th/17th C madrigals (the 'pop songs' of their day), and a couple of rousing folk songs to top it off.... On themes of love and devotion, the joys/pleasures (and sorrows) of life and love


Gallery Orchestra x Other Futures Big Band Crossover

Following up a set of sell-out performances at Fringe Festival earlier this year, the Other Futures Big Band and the Gallery Orchestra once again join forces for a spellbinding concert event on a symphonic scale. Savour the swagger, schmaltz and sweetness of swing-era favourites and classical hits through a thoroughly contemporary lens, alongside sparkling new original music from Aotearoa. The incredible vocal talents of Zoe Moon and Wallace Gollan are back too, to delight your ears and give your a night to remember. Both ensembles were established in 2022 with the intention to push the boundaries of the showband era big band and the classical symphony orchestra. Other Futures Big Band is a new and ongoing project by Daniel Hayles that looks to honour the big band tradition while platforming music and artists both native to and unexplored within the style. Gallery Orchestra is the latest musical baby of Leah Thomas who established the group for young freelancing classical musicians in the city to refresh what “classical music” can be in Pōneke.


The Beatitudes Classical

Time after Time- we take a dive into the tunes from the 1980's and early 90's from Cindy Lauper to Metallica