Music Crawl

Stay tuned for next year…

Thank you to all who attended this year’s festival! The 2023 programme saw 80 shows, over 40 music groups, and 12 Venues across the Cuba Street Precinct.
Classical on Cuba is a vibrant festival of classical music, reimagined in contemporary spaces infused with the spirit and colour of Cuba Street. We took audiences on a Delightfully Offbeat ride from 2-3 September 2023, and pushed imaginations to their limit.

The Classical Crawl

The heart of the festival! Go on a Classical Crawl through a vibrant array of classical concerts staged across Cuba Street venues for just $12 per ticket! OFFER: Get tickets for just $10 if you book 8 or more tickets.

Late Night Sessions

Stay out late and enjoy classical music with a twist. Dance, Electronica, Hip Hop and Jazz in sonic fusion with classical collectives to create bold new concerts made uniquely for the weekend.

Going Large

Each year we feature a handful of special commissioned concerts as a part of the Classical on Cuba programme. Don’t miss these centrepiece highlights in venues such as City Gallery and St Peter’s Church.